DaCI is a specialist engineering and design house, we have a wealth of experience working directly for many of the UK Gas Transporters (GTs), independent Gas Transporters (iGTs), Distributed Network Operators (DNOs), independent Distributed Network Operators (IDNOs) and Water Companies and as such we have an in depth understandings of how to comply with their policies and engineering standards.

We have always been committed to developing solutions to the benefit of our clients. This is what provides the company its competitive edge and enable it to settle in the utilities industry. We follow a value creation strategy, offering customers comprehensive management solutions, from consultancy, to project management and accurate utilities designs.

At DaCI we firmly believe that our solutions and services are excellent tools for contributing to development to the benefit of our clients. As a MURS Registered organisation, we can offer you a diverse range of scopes which will identify the optimum multi-utility solution for your project.

Choosing DaCI you will have a reliable partner.